Support Groups

True transformation takes place when we are free to be our real selves in the presence of others. Gain hope by relating to others and sharing similar experiences. Let's work together to overcome, rebuild, and re-energize ourselves.

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Moms with Tots Group

  Many moms of toddlers find themselves overwhelmed and without adequate support. This therapeutic group offers educational topics specific for this age group, tools for reducing parental stress, and support from mothers who are having similar experiences.

Runs every Sunday 11am-12pm.

For more information check out the posting on Psychology Today.

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Women's Body Image Group

Women's body image group is to help clients move away from self-criticism and move towards self-healing. This therapy group offers a safe place to talk about what is really going on with our inner critic. It offers a set of tools and skills needed to help reduce some common symptoms and behaviors related to feeling uncomfortable in your own skin.

Sundays 10am-11am.

For more information check out the posting on Psychology Today

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